The Internet is revolutionizing the way we all purchase goods in India. Why do you want to puzzle yourself from one place to another in search of the desired items in affordable prices when you can find it on the Internet in a single click!


FYNFO will provide an open platform for everything you can possibly imagine. We have launched from 2019 and has become one of the leading and first platform for users to buy, sell, or find anything in their circles and in any desired locations in India. If you are wondering why you should explore FYNFO when there are multiple options available to you, well, the below will answer your question; 


  1. Underused goods are redistributed to fill a new need and become wanted again, where no- product assets such as space, skills, and money are exchanged and traded in new ways that don’t always require centralized institutions or ‘middlemen’,
  2. New Goods are made easier in terms of accessibility and cost-effectiveness,
  3. ‘Farm to home’, ‘facility to site’ needs are fulfilled by active coordination between the end user and farmers, manufacturers etc. without any ‘middlemen’ in wholesale rate,
  4. Helping hand for poor who are unable to afford several goods and services by promoting everyone to advertise their “throw away” items,
  5. Maintaining an active pool of personals and community where the complete solution for the day to day life is availed.


What's more, if you give your trust, we can provide prices directly from start of the supply chain, which are irresistible. We are sure you will find yourself picking up more than what you had in mind.