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Welcome to Fynfo

Internet is revolutionizing the way we all purchase goods in India. Why do you want to puzzle yourself from one place to another in search of the desired items in affordable prices when you can find it on the Internet in a single click!

FYNFO will provide an open platform for everything you can possibly imagine.

We are a team of individuals who are passionate about providing our customers with exactly what they need. Most of the time we felt like This digital purchase makes customer to spend more money to get the low-price product which is available in our nearby stores. Peoples are screened by offers and discount but all those offers are given out of customer’s money. We are started Mainly in the motive to explore and motivate the local sellers and ease the customer find the best products at nearby places which gives you convenience and cost saving. And also we facilitate the retailers to enlarge their business to pan India along with the surrounding customer.
Fynfo application aims at getting people out from website shopping experience and give them the feel of the local markets. Know your best seller nearby, have tension free shopping.


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Discover Fynfo's Journey​

Fynfo has been started its journey as Digital Library for all business.
Fynfo is extended its service to wholesale clothing to all retail Textile business.
It extended its service by providing feasible and user-friendly Fynfo CRM which suits every business. And it's ease every business to manage inventory in online and offline sale.
Fynfo revolutionizing the the way the people purchase. It provides a complete dedicated online store to every business to reach their business to every Indians hand.

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